Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Women in the Woods" / New Gear

December, 2010

I attend another seminar at REI; this one specific to women's needs. I learn a lot at this session. Even though I've been reading and scouring websites, I'm now more clearer on the proper kinds of clothes to wear. For instance, I really didn't know the difference or the need for light-, mid-, and heavy-weight underlayers. We talk about sleeping bags and pads, trekking poles, FUDs ("the girl pee-thing"). I learn the 10 Essentials, and since I'm out so often by myself, I vow to carry them with me at all times.

Once I have my variety of underlayers, I start using them at the office too. Being dressed properly for the outdoors makes it very easy to escape for a quick lunchtime walk.

I get properly fitted for a daypack - something large enough to carry the 10 Esssentials, extra winter clothing as needed, and food, along with the water bladder. The nicest part is that I have plenty of room to carry a thermos, full of hot chocolate, for my winter excursions.

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