Saturday, February 5, 2011

Morgan Run Environmental Area / Hike

Participating in a day-long course on camping meant that ... there was no time to actually go camping. So with a free morning on hand for the week-end, on the spur of the moment, I joined up with a group hiking at Morgan Run Environmental Area.

This is the group that hikes "for time" in my perception, covering ground as quickly as possible. But it was a new area for me, and I preferred to explore it with a group. Also, the hikes was billed at 7 miles, my longest to date. I was excited about the outing.

It was a brisk pace. Either I'm getting fitter, or using both trekking poles helped (or a combination of both ideas), but I was able to pretty much hang with the group. It was an exertion, but I didn't fare badly.

There is still snowfall on the ground. The trail wound back & forth through fields and delved into a wooded area, in some sections alongside a stream. There wasn't much elevation gain except for a climb out of the stream valley.

We stopped for a lunch break in the sun. Carrying my "10 Essentials" paid off, as I unwrapped my emergency blanket to use as a groundcloth.

It was a nice winter outing.

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