Saturday, February 5, 2011

My $54 Cup of Coffee

There are a few key issues to deal with when camping. Such as: "What about my morning coffee???"

You have two solutions: crawl out of your tent, into the cold morning air, in desperate need of caffeine ... and start a campfire. (Or a camp stove. But I don't have one of those. Simply because I don't know how to use them and I have a [likely irrational] fear of carrying around fuel canisters.)

A note on camp fires: They're not easy: They're not easy to get started. They're not easy to keep going, at least long and strong enough to cook with. It can be 15-30 minutes before caffeine starts coursing through my veins. That's not a good way to start a day outdoors.

So, during my research on heat and cooking, I learned about this nifty Esbit stove, developed around the time of World War II and used by the military. All it is is a tiny metal contraption that holds a solid fuel cube. You put your pot on this little device, and voila, in 8 minutes (or thereabouts), you have boiling water.

Since it's a tiny little baby, I needed to make sure I had a pot (with a lid) that would fit securely on it. When my eyes fell upon this gorgeous titanium pot, I couldn't look at any other. Into my shopping cart it went.

So, here I am, sun rising directly in front of me (friggin' blinding me as I write), with a cup of hot coffee, made in 10 minutes. Happy Camper moment!

Note: And of course with car camping, you can indulge in bringing along luxury items. Like heavy cream for that great cup of coffee.

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