Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recapping 2011 Outdoor Adventures

I did not keep up with my blog ... That's because I was so busy being outdoors! So, from my first overnight adventure of camping in 2010, that has led me to:

  • 22 camping outings in 2011 - all of them in the local DelMarVa/PA area for a total of 48 nights spent outdoors! Most trips were 1 or 2 nights. Yet, one trip was a bike/camp group tour with 5 nights spent camping. Also, I had 4 wonderful nights at a state park, practically by myself - which deserves a separate post.
  • Wanting to contribute something back to Nature, I started volunteering with the state parks
  • Which led me to the Maryland Master Naturalist program. I was accepted into that. Classroom instruction, field trips, pre-reading, class project, and exam consumed most of my free time in the fall.
  • I assisted leading a few outings with the Washington Women Outdoors group.

With a regular job, long commute, normal family & home responsibilities, journaling my adventures took a backseat.