Thursday, December 2, 2010

Post-BOW / Shaping My Nature Experience

All of my experiences at the MD DNR "Becoming An Outdoors Woman" added more dimensions to my appreciation of and self-renewal through nature. Now I have more ways to see more deeply what is going on around me. From exploring the natural history of the area, to the names of the trees, to the life around me -- whether critters, bugs, birds, fish, insects, plants, flowers, and on. Most of my time outdoors is spent being active; I don't intend to change that. But what I've learned at BOW will give me tools for some fun projects during my downtime outdoors in a campsite.

I started on the this journey with the simple goal of improving my fitness to go hiking in the Rockies. Early on, I re-discovered the peacefulness and spirituality of being in Nature.

Since then, I'm discovering the joy, fun, and simplicity of living a nice portion of my life outdoors. And a deeper and broader knowledge of the natural world around me.

The "game" is still on though! Now that I've slept somewhat-outdoors in temps in the 30s, the challenge is on: How long can I go sleeping outdoors?