Saturday, February 5, 2011


We have a fairly heavy snowfall mid-week. There seems to be enough snow on the ground to pull out my new toys: a set of MSR snowshoes.

I try them on, testing them walking on my deck. They're unwieldy, feeling clumsy. I'm not so sure about this but looking forward to giving them a try.

I head to a local park and strap them on. The learning curve is about: 10 steps !!! Snowshoeing is fun! Just like hiking, but you have to pick up your feet more. (Which is something I'll say to myself several times over the course of the week-end.) It's like walking on mermaid tails. If you don't pick up your feet enough, you'll trip yourself.

I end up spending two hours out on the trails. It's great exercise, quite exertional.

There were very few people out at the park; it was eerie.

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