Saturday, February 5, 2011


Family and friends are starting to get involved with my adventures. On a day-trip to Roots (an Amish market and auction near Lancaster, Pennsylvania), family members helped me load up with camping goodies. These were in addition to a long list of supplies I just recently purchased at the REI grand opening.

Wandering through the "flea market" area, we saw a table full of these solar-powered gadgets: leaves fluttering in the breeze, flowers nodding their heads ... so silly and goofy, I had to have one.

Well, newbie at blogging too. Can't get video to upload. But here's a photo minus the bobbing and fluttering:

Also irresistible: a campsite welcome flag and pole to make my site more home-y and inviting.

Other goodies I scored on the shopping trip included a woven rug to use as an entrance mat, a huge fleece quilt, and tiny tupperware containers. NONE of these items are essential, but fun.

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