Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hike: The Magnificent Splendor of Great Falls

November, 2010

Another healthy dose of serendipitous trail magic! My planning for the week-end had amounted to minimal preparation for hiking Old Rag and a reservation at Lake Fairfax campground. That was about it.

On Sunday morning, I indulged in my favorite camping activity: slowly drinking hot coffee, watching the sun rise, and journaling. Then I pulled out my hiking books to plan something for the day and learned I was about three miles from Great Falls, Virginia. I could not believe my good fortune! I quickly packed up my campsite and headed to the park. This was my first trip there; though I recall that I may have gone a long, long time ago - nothing looked familiar.

The Virginia side of Great Falls is incredibly scenic. The park has a wonderfully instructive center with displays. The overlooks are man-made platforms.

There are numerous trails to take. I started out on one that winded along the ridge. Wooziness over the steep edges eventually led me to taking "safer", less strenuous trails and I spent the day wandering throughout the park. Perfectly pleasant.

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