Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Outdoor Activity to Try ???

Back to the real world, but still energized about my sleeping-outdoors-as-long-as-possible challenge ...

During the week, I attend a lecture on "Snowshoe Basics" at REI. Okay, another outdoor activity I want to try. Snowshoes make hiking in (or rather, "on") the snow much easier. I dream of more outdoor excursions, not hampered by snowfall. Why didn't I have these last year? - when I was stuck indoors by the blizzards and the weeks of lingering snow.

It sounds like snowshoes are a more easily-acquired skill than cross-country skiing. I tried x-skiing years ago in my previous lifetime ... making several trips out to western Maryland. I was really lousy at it though. I remember one time I was x-skiing on the flat North Central rail/trail, and regular people out for a hike were passing me. It didn't quite make sense to continue skiing as an activity if walking was faster ....

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