Saturday, February 5, 2011

My First Wildlife Encounter!

I spent much lazy time on my 3-day week-end at Elk Neck State Park; Saturday morning, reading and journaling while the sun rose higher in the sky. There were a lot of raptors flying around, cawing. But I didn't pay any mind to them.

Eventually, I wandered over to the shower house to clean up. When I returned to the site, there was evidence that I had an intruder! my bag of granola was torn, and what was left of it was scattered around the picnic table.

Cleaning up, I saw scat left behind from the perpetrators. Once I got home, I checked my field guides and am pretty certain that my visitors were a buzzard and a goose. It's amazing that they hovered around and waited until I left the site, then dove in for the goodies.

The utensils are placed here only to indicate relative size.

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